'Homosexuality is unnatural, defined by the Bible as a sin and is unhealty physically, mentally and socially for those who choose to live that lifestyle'

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This letter was sent to us as a reminder that we should love our immigrant traditions, even if they're illegal.

Just wanted to point out that without the British limeys, we Americans would not have our language, all of those American Revolution heroes and stuff, the Fourth of July or the "Star Spangled Banner" (a British drinking song). And without the Mexicans, we would not have the Alamo, California and the Southwest (stolen fair and square from Mexico), beautiful Southwestern architecture and culture, and, of course, incredibly delicious foods such as guacamole and chili concoctions. So thanks, limeys & beaners.
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The following letters are in response to Janine Kahn's July 27 article, "The Closet and the Cross," about ex-gay ministry Exodus International and Michael Bussee's transition from founder to critic.

Thank you for sharing the story of Michael Bussee and others so affected by the "ex-gay" movement. It is heartbreaking to think that people are forcing a message of hatred directly linked to suicide under the guise of Christianity. I completely agree with my colleague, the Reverend Paul Tellstrom: Jesus was not interested in your sexual orientation. He was interested in justice for all people—the poor, the alienated, the outcast and the ostracized. Would Jesus want good people, whose only desire is to love and be loved, to hurt themselves, or even take their lives because they could not fit a mold that other people tried to fit them in? I think not. Jesus was about love and compassion. He called us to seek our own identity with God. My heart breaks that there are still Christians today condemning homosexuals for living their God-given life. Thank God for people like Michael Bussee, who, though they struggle, come to a place where they can love themselves—and so love others.

You can be gay and Christian. There are churches out here who believe you can have your faith and your life, too.

Thank you for sharing this story with Orange County. We still need to hear it.

I just read Janine Kahn's "The Closet and the Cross." I am a journalist and a member of the LGBT community. The article was well-researched and well-written, and I appreciate that the OC Weekly chose to put the story on the cover.

Thank you, Janine, for practicing fair reporting. As an ex-gay "survivor" myself, I found that your story fairly represented both sides. I am personally in contact with leaders of an ex-gay ministry to share my story and hopefully see change in how they work with clients and parents alike. There is a solution, and it is not blaming parents or changing orientation. It is in trusting God to have His way in our lives, wherever that may lead. If there is any change to come, change that is lasting, it will come from God working on us from the inside, not from anything external like blame and man-made rules.

Thank you for writing such an in-depth, balanced and very moving article. In today's world of soundbites and zero integrity, it's refreshing to read something that objectively reports on sensitive issues without judgment or spin. We need more journalists like you!

Thanks for handling this subject and my personal story so well. You write beautifully. The ending made me cry. I did not notice any errors and loved the way you weaved in the other stories. Thanks again.

I just read your article "The Closet and the Cross" and found it to be interesting and thought-provoking. It may surprise you that I am a married, straight white male, a devout Christian with Republican leanings. I also live in a world where I have gay friends, gay co-workers and gay family members. We human beings are complicated creatures, and I have no clear-cut answers to any of our identity issues.

That said, I have to point out two flaws in your otherwise strong article. Early on in the piece, you refer to Exodus International and its "ilk." I know that technically "ilk" simply means a "class." But I doubt that is what you meant. "Ilk" gives the reader evidence of a bias, and to do it so early in the article gives it a slight taint.

My other critique is your reference to "Focus on the Family, which made $138 million in 2005." "Made" indicates a "profit." The $138 million consists of contributions to the organization. It isn't a profit because Focus on the Family is a nonprofit organization. Let me ask you this as a bias check: Would you ever have said, "The Orange County United Way made $138 million in 2005"?

I think you have talent. I just would like to see you tighten things up a bit.

Congratulations on a really excellent article. Loved the title. Your writing is very close to "Time style," which is my favorite for journalism, being clear, objective and elegant. Looks easy, but isn't! I'll definitely be logging on to read more of your stuff in due course. You clearly have have an illustrious career ahead of you.

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