'Ordinarily, I wouldn't wipe my ass with the OC Weekly, but there I was without toilet paper'

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The next two letters are in response to Gustavo Arellano's July 12 article, "Whatever Happened to the Santa Ana Four?"—describing the struggle of four Mexican-born Orange County residents who faced deportation in 1951.

Gustavo is at it again! Hey, pendejo, why do you hate America so much? Your article about the Santa Ana Four would have been a great story: hard-working Latinos fighting for great causes in their local communities. Hell, I'd love to read stories like that, [rather] than those of Mexican graffiti and La Raza riots, but of course you had to "spice it up" with your anti-American sentiments, like jamming rotten jalapeños into a fresh apple pie.

You can't understand why these men were deported?!!?!!


If Cruz and Esparanza were Muhammed and Ahta today and held terrorist meetings in Santa Ana, would you feel the same? You also said, and I quote: "Now the country is in a new era of 'anti-immigrant' sentiment, this one cloaked in fear of terrorism and reconquista, rather than communism." Gustavo, America is anti-ILLEGAL-immigrants, ILLEEEEGAL being key. Lay off the Tapatio; it's frying your brain.

Americans fear the damaging effect on the economy, the violent criminals of MS-13, and the abuse of our health-care system by poor illegals, not "reconquista." Reconquista is a joke, considering the most politically prominent Mexican around is LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is so busy cheating on his wife and fathering children to multiple women, all the while with his tongue up Hugo Chavez's ass.

In short, try finding better examples of positive "Latino" contributors to America's great history, and stop trying to make people hate America. You are by far the worst "journalist" I've ever read, which explains you working for the paper I can get for free at Chipotle.

Either go back to Mexico, or try being more positive because America doesn't need your pointless liberal dribble. Gotta go wipe my ass with your article now. I'll be sure to throw it in the trash instead of flushing it, as an homage to your great heritage.
Charles Drengberg
Huntington Beach

Great work. Love the article on the Santa Ana Four. It's excellent.

Raids have always been a part of the Mexican American experience, and they continue to be with Operation Return to Sender, which began last year. It will rival Operation Wetback of the 1950s. Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) is working off a list of 500,000 names—administrative cases, not criminal—people who've missed court dates and the like. Whether or not they manage to find the people named in the warrants, these ICE Fugitive Operations Teams (FOTs) arrest anyone else they find in the process and call them "collateral damage."

Since last summer, 20,000 people have been picked up. In September 2007, the FOTs will increase to 75 teams nationally in order to step up Operation Return to Sender. Currently, there are 54 FOT teams, and last year, there were 18.

People will be housed in detention camps. One in Raymondville, Texas, already holds 2,000 Latinos.

We need to get the word out.
Veronica Isabel Dahlberg

The following letters are in response to Gustavo Arellano's July 12 ¡Ask a Mexican! Special Amnesty Edición , in which some very pleasant readers wrote in to express their lack of support for Mexican people who immigrate to America and their glee about the failure of the Amnesty Bill in congress.

I'm from Canada, and I'm amazed to read how many rednecks you have in the USA spouting all kinds of ignorant and racist comments against Mexicans and Latinos. Everybody knows the USA is one of the most racist countries in this world, but those rednecks just leave me astonished with all their offensive comments. Thanks for showing most of them how bloody ignorant they are and what a wonderful world we can have without people like them.
Yasin Umur

On behalf of the bigots, the fundie right-wing conservatives, and all the others with their collective cabezas up their patriotically decorated glory holes, I would like to apologize.

Unfortunately, in the "good ol' U.S. of A.," one doesn't have to know much about the immigration debate in order to make a decision on it, or to let those in Congress know what you think about it. I mean, some of these are the same people who cheered when another wall was taken down about 20 years ago in Europe and were told about some of the tales of people trying to escape to the other side of Berlin, forgetting that a wall can't keep out people who really want to get through.

Oh, well.

Anyway, keep up the good work, and just remember—the people who wrote in with the "tough love" are just scared, tired, and should probably be brushing up on their Spanish or Tamil soon.
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