The 'Good Seed'?

Defense: Death penalty would be unfair to convicted murderer who loves baseball and his brothers

Erickson doesn't claim Lamb is a genius, but "there is still humanity, goodness there," she said. "He's definitely an American tragedy. He was corrupted by his institutionalizations, but he is not the worst of the worst. Give him life without the possibility of parole. That way, he will never again experience life's pleasures. That's punishment enough."

Besides, she explained, Miller—who was shot in the back of the head, execution-style—"never saw it coming and never felt any pain."

Said Erickson to jurors, "Reject anger. Reject hatred. You're going to decide what to do with Mr. Lamb. There's no question that he'll take his last, dying breath in prison. The only question is when will it be?"

Lamb painted and ready to party.
Lamb painted and ready to party.

For more on the trial of Lamb and Rump, see "White Power With a Lisp."

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