The General's Last Stand

Vang Pao devoted his life to fighting communism in Laos—until his onetime ally, the U.S. government, arrested him

"Vang Pao isn't really representative of most Hmong," countered another Hmong-American who asked not to be identified. "My position is that whether or not Vang Pao survives his ordeal is something for the courts to decide. But a chapter in American history needs to be told. Vang Pao is charged with violating the neutrality of Laos, but if you take his name off the indictment and replace it with 'United States government,' then it would accurately describe exactly what the U.S. did to Laos. It's a double standard, and it'll be interesting to see what happens if Vang Pao starts naming names."

Chi Vang and Dad. Photo by Nick Schou
Chi Vang and Dad. Photo by Nick Schou

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