'Take you, your family and all the shit-smelling pho houses back to SE Aisia'

You were among some of the strongest, most patriotic American citizens that evening, Mr. Olson.

If you didn't recognize that fact, I feel sorry for you. You will be one of those found whimpering in a corner as the last vestiges of our great country disappear for lack of interest in the preservation of freedom, equality and democracy.

Prepare for lawsuits, if this is your m.o.
Penny DeVore

Just how biased are you racists?? Last I checked, S.O.S. [Save Our State] was anti-ILLEGAL-immigration. Get your facts straight. Even if it is free, I don't bother to pick up that rag you call a newspaper. And while I'm at it, Gustavo Arellano is probably the biggest racist on your staff. His °Ask a Mexican! column is not only a weak, cheap shot at the gabachos, but it also makes ALL Latinos look like hypocrites.
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When you wrote about Tancredo at the Nixon library, you were so inflamed that you made comparisons between Americans who are trying to stop illegal immigration and people who drive 4x4 trucks with lift kits and have American flags. Does that mean because you work for a liberally biased newspaper that you drive a Volvo and wear Birkenstocks? Everything you said about the evening was tainted with vitriol and colored with recalcitrant exaggerations. You sound like a disaffected adolescent. How old are you, by the way? Just curious.

There is such a thing as good reporting and ethics in journalism. However, this does not include political bias, libeling and uncontrolled rage. Sadly, these attributes are the hallmark of your journalism.

Thank God we get articles for free online, as I would never pay to read one of your disingenuous, fallacy-filled "articles."
Tracy Stahl
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The June 22 article "On the Borderline" contained factual errors. One direct quotation and a paraphrased statement were incorrectly attributed to Eileen Garcia. Also, Garcia was identified as Hispanic; she is not—her ex-husband is. Lupe Moreno was not born in Mexico, as stated, but in California. A quotation attributed to Tony Dolz was made by Dan Sheehy, another speaker at the event. The Weekly regrets the errors.

In an article about Art Institute teacher Scott Essman [Luke Y. Thompson's "Use the Force," June 22], it was incorrectly stated that makeup artist Jack Pierce created the appearance of the classic Universal Pictures' Phantom of the Opera. Pierce created the makeup for Claude Rains in the 1943 remake of Phantom of the Opera, but Lon Chaney's original look was all his own creation. The Weekly regrets the error.

In Erin DeWitt's interview with Mikey Bernan [Locals Only, May 31], "Union Pool" is not an actual pool, but a bar in Brooklyn. The Weekly regrets the error.

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