'Stupid-ass crackers talk about gangs like they know something'

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I just want you to notice how you use the words "anti-immigrant" when you SHOULD BE using the correct words of "anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant"—that is the problem with the "mainstream media"; you are not telling the truth, and exactly what part of "illegal" don't you understand??? That is the whole point! The Minutemen, Barbara Coe, Lupe Moreno, KFI, KABC, all the talk-radio staff, and many more, including myself, are all advocates of legal immigration, which built this fine country of ours. Since newspapers like yours print the wrong words and don't print the truth and what this invasion is costing us—the facts, just the facts—in education, financial, criminal, financial, medical emergency facilities closing—and did I mention financial?

The severe impact the invasion of illegal immigrants have had on California alone is eliminating the entire middle class of citizens! "Cheap Labor" is not what it appears to be! You just keep working and paying your taxes because 12 million to 50 million illegals (the U.S. government doesn't even know who is in our country or how many are hear [sic] illegally) are depending on YOU personally to pay for their medical care, welfare, social security they are getting, and they keep having kids. About $1,800 per person in California goes to support the illegal people here sucking us dry. You do know that 65 emergency medical facilities have closed from bankruptcy, from serving illegals who cannot and will not pay. You are helping to undermine our entire country!

Why can't the mainstream media get it that if that "Amnesty Bill," a.k.a. "no illegal left behind," passes in Washington, we might as well all move to France or Mexico because the USA will cease to exist as we know it. Why can't you get this part? It's beyond me. I am a citizen of European descent. My great-grandparents came here from Russia and Poland, and they insisted my grandmother and her siblings learn English and get educated and assimilated into American culture, and they BECAME AMERICANS through the LEGAL PROCESS. My grandfather, on the other hand, was an American Indian, and you know the outcome of that story. . . . We need to stand FOR OUR COUNTRY . . . A COUNTRY OF LAWS THAT CREATED A WESTERN CIVILIZATION THAT ENJOYS ALL THE BENEFITS OF A SUCCESSFUL, FREE SOCIETY. THAT IS BEING THREATENED, AND IT'S A RED ALERT: WE ARE IN MORTAL DANGER!

I appreciate your time and consideration in printing the correct information for your readers. Maybe if you print the statistical facts about the impact of illegal immigration, you could make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN OUR STATE AND SAVE OUR COUNTRY . . . maybe, if it's not too late. Thank you.
Julie Fox
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This letter is in regard to Vickie Chang's June 14 Trendzilla, about guys who wear black graphic tees.

Thanks for the sarcasm. You must be one cool chick. I live in HB and have to live around these guys every day. I'm a 30-year-old guy who wears Levi's and does not have dragons and skulls on my tight shirt. On the occasion that I do wear a ballcap, I do have the bill slightly bent and not flat. And let me guess: You guys drink Corona. It's nice to hear of a lady that does not get off on these lame guys. Oh, yeah, and by the way, it's not cool to "trick out" a 1998 Ford Ranger. . . .
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The following letters are in response to Nick Schou's June 14 article, "Hero or Heroin?" The article outlines alleged Laotian coup-plotter Vang Pao's involvement in the Hmong community and questions about his past involvement in the Southeast Asian heroin trade raised by author Alfred W. McCoy's 1972 book,The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade.

While people often cite McCoy as evidence for the general's alleged role as a drug lord, no one ever seems to acknowledge the fact that Vang Pao was only a secondary character to the larger accusation made by McCoy. McCoy's accusation that the CIA, [not] the very federal government, was producing and trafficking drugs was heard in federal hearings and found to be without evidence, based completely on rumor or hearsay.
Lee Xiong
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I just want to say that an American like you will never understand how much the Hmong contributed and how our General Vang Pao sacrificed for you guys in the past. We've wasted hundreds of thousands of our men to save one downed American pilot. General Vang Pao is a man of honor and peace. Let me ask you a question: If your wife, son, daughter and /or a close family member were killed right in front of you, what would you do? In our culture, we have learned to love one another unlike you Americans. . . . We don't commit incest and try to hurt our close ones. The Americans have been known throughout the world to be traitors and always go back against their word. Our people were never known to be terrorists, except here. Alfred W. McCoy is a bastard who just likes to talk shit and crap about the Hmong people. He knows nothing about the Hmong history. The reason he's always against the Hmong people was probably because when he toured Laos back in the '60s and '70s, he never tried to understand cultural differences. If you want to be a good reporter, please do complete research on the Hmong people before stating your opinion and views.
Cher Vue
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