'I hold an ASS'

Editor's note: Wait, doesn't he have that coconut thing backward? What is white on the outside and brown on the inside, anyway? A Zero bar? A grizzly bear in an igloo? Certain varieties of fig? Li'l help?

The following letter is in regards to Gustavo Arellano's May 31 °Ask a Mexican!

"Any sucker willing to cross deserts and rivers or crawl through sewers for the chance of a better life deserves a shot at citizenship" as long as they don't feed children "Flamin' Hot" Cheetos—PULEEZEEE!!!! How many families do YOU know that don't have a case of Cheetos and a few cartons of Tampico in their fridge. Right.
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The following letter is in response to R. Scott Moxley's May 11 article, "The Beer That Made Tustin Infamous."

The thin line between private and public property has taken some to jail. What is considered "private property"? Is a gated community really considered private property? Looking through Internet and paper listings of apartments for rent, a number of them claim to be private and gated. This means all grounds within the gates are private property. Can one consume alcohol by the pool or not? Does this mean one is allowed to carry arms within his/her gated community?

Cases that deal with public intoxication in a gated community boggle me of what's right or wrong. I believe that a gated community, given the 3-foot-fence law, is considered to be private property whether the ease of public entry is great or not. If someone really wants to get in, they're going to by any means necessary. Tenants should not suffer from propped-open gates; it's the property foreseer's responsibly to keep them closed.
Jon Roman
Newport Beach

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