His Biggest Break

Indie 103.1’s Surf Junkie Jeff keeps an eye on the waves—and tries to get Jonesy out on the water



That's the station I turn to when too many commercials and too much Muse drive me away from 103.1

Jeff Malanca (right) and Jonesy. Courtesy Jeff Malanca.
Jeff Malanca (right) and Jonesy. Courtesy Jeff Malanca.

I worked there for almost 10 years as a roving reporter out in the field, until March of 2004.

Well, you've got a good gig now, and it seems like it would have fringe benefits.

Well, I had a car endorsement for a year, so that was killer. Also, I get free tickets to shows Indie is promoting.

What kind of things do you get to go to? Coachella?

You know, the best Indie thing I have been to was seeing Iggy Pop at Fox Studios. This was a live Internet show sponsored by Yahoo and Nissan, and there were maybe 200 people there. He just turned 60, and he was jumping off the stage. He was there with all the original Stooges. It was by far the best show I have ever seen in my life.

Pearl Jam did a private show like that on the North Shore last winter. That is the way to see them. So, can you get Police tickets?

Indie isn't involved in that one.

Ever hooked up because a girl recognized your voice?

Nobody ever recognizes me for my voice.

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