'Dude, what were you thinking?'

Dude, where is your investigative journalism?

Even if Schou were to ignore the DA's office, the sheriff's department and public records, did Schou ask for any proof such as phone records from Lopez's home in Lake Forest to the district attorney's office in Santa Ana to support such a patently absurd claim by Lopez?

Dude, what were you thinking?
Susan Kang Schroeder, public affairs counsel
Orange County district attorney's office
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The following letter addresses R. Scott Moxley's May 25 "Kissing the Pinky Ring," about Frederick "Rick" Rizzolo's pre-prison barbecue.

What is [Rizzolo]? Another Paris Hilton? He isn't blond enough, but he is stupid enough—along with the Orange County Sheriff's Department's fine and upstanding [Sheriff Mike] Carona. Unfortunately, he and his followers are a disgrace to humanity. People say he is another Hitler—think about it!
Joyce Miller
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The following letter is in regards to Vickie Chang's March 29 Trendzilla, in which she describes the proper way to pull off shorts without looking "hooker-y."

Thank God somebody finally pointed this out. Girls try to look like hookers and get mad when guys make them offers or gawk at them. They are totally dressing the part and deserve to have $20 bills waved in their face or called "putas." Great article. I love you, Vickie Chang!!!!
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Vickie Chang responds: No. 1, you missed the point. No. 2, ew.

I just read your column about pirated images [Gustavo Arellano's "The Perils of Piraterķa ," May 25], specifically the ”Ask a Mexican! character being used for a phone card. I have decided I need to come clean. I too have had occasion to use the ”Ask a Mexican! logo as my screen image on my favorite online-poker site. You get to pick your own image—and what better sight to show than the shifty eyes of the Mexican bandit! Not giving a clue as to the pocket aces being held as hole cards or a 2-7 off-suite and a face that seems to say, "I got across the border and am doing fine, mamacita" to bluff with and a crooked-toothed grin that mocks when you hit the flush on the river. Perfect. However, due to the limit of only one account per IP address, I had to change it back to the lame riverboat gambler—who, by the way, almost looks Hispanic. Any chance there were notorious and famous Mexican gamblers back on the paddle-wheel steamers?
Tobin Cross
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The following letter is in response to the question posed in the online ad for Gustavo Arellano's ”Ask a Mexican!

"Why are there no Mexicans onStar Trek?" On the original series, crewman Rodrigues is both heard and seen in the episode "Shore Leave." If he wasn't seen from then on, perhaps his 'do wasn't as good as Chekhov's, Uhura's, or Kirk's. All wore hairpieces.
Trek Freak
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Editor's note: And don't forget Commodore Mendez from "The Menagerie"—he outranked Kirk. And of course, KHAAAAN!

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