Whats Illegal?

Video of elementary schoolkids chanting on May Day becomes YouTube hit as immigration-debate propaganda

About three-quarters of the school's roughly 500 students are Latino and about 15 percent are non-Hispanic whites. Board member Kristin Collins said the school had no further comment beyond what has been posted on their site.

"The definition of 'criminal' does not apply to age," said Coe. "I'm sorry, but a lot of them grow up to be gang members, or haven't you noticed?"

A sixth-grader from the Academy stood thoughtfully with his backpack on when asked about the incident. "The Minutemen don't like immigrants. They want more ICE and stuff," he said. "Well," he paused, "it's their choice. They have a right to be there."

At press time, the video had nearly 40,000 hits and counting—unbeknownst to most school parents and their kids. In the end, the kids may not even be aware of the storm their simple playground play has caused. "I could see how it might be a bigger deal if it were the older ones," said the second-grader's mom, "but these were the little ones. They don't even know what's happening. My daughter just asked me, 'What's illegal?'"

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