'You reduce yourselves to the blogs of housewives with a useless degree in art or literature when you write such cleverly worded nothingness. Fuck you'

Arellano's article about Bishop Tod Brown is well-researched. Please continue to report about this case, which is typical of the way most bishops handle accusations. If there is no response from Brown, that will indicate he is implicated. If he does respond, he is also implicated! Apparently the 2002 "Treaty" for the protection of children and young adults was public-relations hype.
Kay Goodnow
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This next letter concerns R. Scott Moxley's April 19 story, "Cop Land," in which Moxley laments the few bad cops who shamelessly abuse their status and power.

I am sure there are some good men and women in Orange County law enforcement, whether it be the sheriff's or the police departments, but until they decide not to be overshadowed by their rotten co-workers and stand up for what they are supposed to be doing, then let them take the heat with the rest of the scum. Too many innocent people have been killed by them and because of them. Crime is on the upswing because of our law enforcement, not because of the "so-called criminal element"—our law enforcement is the criminal element.
Joyce Miller
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The following regards Seven MacDonald's March 23 story, "You're On With Jesus," on Neil Saavedra, who masquerades as Jesus Christ on his KFI radio talk show.

Thank you for supporting efforts to discover, nurture and utilize talent for life enhancement and community transformation!
Tina Hoffman
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The subsequent letter addresses R. Scott Moxley's Nov. 22, 2001, story, "Where Are the Cops?" Moxley reported that, despite a judge's ruling he defrauded investors of millions of dollars, (the now late) Eddie Allen was still free.

I have a super-similar, almost-eerie situation in exactly the same area and the same situation with a different person. The police department has been totally useless.
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