Stone Cold Says So

Steve Austin explains his journey to the big screen

So no romantic comedies for this bald-headed S.O.B.? "I could see a romantic comedy, but I don't know if that's gonna be 10, 15 or 20 more pictures from now, you know? I think timing is everything, and if there's ever time to do one, I would consider doing one. But right now, coming out of the gate, we've got The Condemned. It's a heavy-duty R-rated action movie with a lot of violence and some humor, and it's a fun movie to watch, with a little bit of a statement there. We're gonna follow that up with probably another action movie. I think we should stay with the bread and butter right now and kind of do things along the lines of what brought me to the dance."

One wonders why it's taken Stone Cold so long to star in a movie—after all, Hogan and Rock went Hollywood at the peak of their wrestling careers, and even newer stars such as Kane and John Cena have headlined films while continuing to main event. Austin is all but retired from the ring now, but that isn't why he waited. "[John Cena's movie] The Marine was brought to me three years ago. I turned it down. It took a long time to find The Condemned, and it took more than 12 total rewrites. Here we are, and April 27 is right around the corner. That's what happens. You pick projects; I turned that one down. And this is not an easy town. As an unknown, as an actor, you don't just have people chasing you around with scripts in their hands. Now, any wrestling promoter in the world would love to have me, you know? But in the acting deal? Nah, you need proof; you need a reel. I could take all the records that I hold from the wrestling background, but it doesn't mean nothin' out here. I got lucky when The Condemned found me, and lucky that Vince got behind it. So if I would have done The Marine back in the day and had it out there, I could already be in my second or third movie, but timing was everything, and I think 2007 is a good time for The Condemned."

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