Don Bolles Keeps His Nose Clean

Why was the legendary punk rocker busted for driving with soap?

How have your friends reacted to this arrest?

Suddenly, I have some! [laughs] People have been calling from all over; they've been so great.

Have they been teasing you? A lot of jokes about dropping the soap in the shower and stuff?

No drugs on these glasses! Photo courtesy Don Bolles
No drugs on these glasses! Photo courtesy Don Bolles

Yeah. I think that's why they're my friends, so they can goof on me. There's always something ridiculous going on. This arrest really came out of nowhere, and it complicated the hell out of everything . . . like our Germs tour this summer with Shane West, who plays Darby in the movie. The dates were all set up, and for a while I didn't know if I could go.

There's a lot of buzz about that movie. Have you seen it?

Not yet. I got to watch the kid who plays me, and that was awful. He's nothing like me, and it was the worst thing ever, for a while.

For a while? So he got better?

No. But worse things have happened to me since then.

Do you plan to sue the city for false arrest?

As of now, I don't have anything specifically planned out. But I may persue my God-given right to litigate.

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