Some readers accuse film critic of racism

We have received a ton of responses to film critic Scott Foundas' 190-word, capsule review of Journey From the Fall, which appeared in our March 23 New Reviews.

I was a boat person, and I was just a student during the time the Communists took over Saigon. There were a lot of real-life experiences I have seen, [and it was] even worse than what the movie could have brought out. People got shot in the middle of the street by the Communist police for no reason, in front of my eyes. I cannot tell you all the stories of my experiences. I wish that you could live through what we had lived through, and [I would want to] hear your criticisms after that. It is a shame [that you are] talking about something you know nothing about?

I have read the Vietnamese news today in OC and realized that Scott Foundas had criticized the writer of this movie in a very ignorant way. Scott should respect the Vietnamese community in general. By the way, is Scott communist? Why does he think communism is good and should not be criticized by the boat people? He should be sent to the camps in Vietnam and let the Communists take "good" care of him, so he will know what it is like. He should apologize to the Vietnamese community ASAP!

Mr. Scott Foundas, how old are you? I think you are so young. What do you know about the Vietnam War? What do you know about Communists? What do you know about re-education camps? How stupid you are! Please interview any Vietnamese in California. They will let you know.

This gentleman Scott Foundas knows nothing about war and woes. How could he use [the] word "phony" for this movie? I feel sorry for his "no knowledge" comments. Poor guy. [He] should not [be] working at this job.

The difference between The Joy Luck Club and Journey From the Fall is that Journey From the Fall reflects almost every Vietnamese American living in the America, not just a few of them. The social change is the factor of the tragedy, not just some family conflicts as in The Joy Luck Club. In some aspects, Journey From the Fall can be considered a documentary movie to Vietnamese.

I think Scott doesn't like the idea that Americans abandoned the South Vietnamese. Also, the scene in the movie pointing out the schoolmaster's lack of knowledge about the Vietnamese culture of annoyed Scott. That's why his review is so negative.

Initially, I thought your review for Journey From the Fallwas fair, except for your labeling the events in the movie "phony." I truly believed it was a clumsy mistake in your many writings. However, after reading your response, I believe you are the type of person who loves to talk more than learn. Not only that, but you disappoint me by not acknowledging your mistake and persistently defending it with a "phony" statement: "I fear that does precious little to better our understanding of this still-resonant conflict." Even worse, you excerpt somebody else's comment on a documentary to defend your insensitive mistake! Do you really believe in what you say in your response? Or are you just try to protect your stupid a** by writing nonsense?

Thanks, Mr. Scott Foundas, for the review of the movie Journey from the Fall, but I think it will be more appreciated if Mr. Foundas can point out which scenes in the movie are not true. Maybe Mr. Foundas was born in Vietnam so he knows what was going there after 1975—otherwise, Mr. Foundas is a phony movie reviewer or even a phony reporter.

[Foundas should] please do some research and maybe even personal interviews before he writes his opinions on what happened and what's right or wrong.

Scott uses the word "phony" in the end, what does it mean? Is the movie story phony? It is not right to use the word phony; the events in the movies happened in reality. They are real events. Scott, if you're reading this, may I suggest you to do some research about Vietnam during the early year of 1975 and after that. OC Weekly, please ensure you have educated writers in the topics they're writing, as this is an example will cause your company to have a bad reputation.

Obviously, [Foundas] has very little knowledge of what was going on in Vietnam since the fall of South Vietnam. Soldiers were fighting until their ammo ran out. Many even chose death over being captured by the Communists. After the fall, South Vietnamese soldiers and officers were sent to the so-called "re-education camp." They were told it would be for only 10 days, but the truth is people were sent away for years. My dad was one of those. Next time, do some research before putting your foot in your mouth.

Propaganda plays no role in this film. That is the difference between movies in our country compared with the movies in the communist countries. Mr. Scott Foundas should not make an ignorant criticism, as he does not know anything about the communists. Scott could say whatever he thinks because this is a free country, but the Vietnamese community should send a united message to the OC Weekly about such published criticisms.

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