Rhymes With "Voice"

How much do you really know about Dr. Seuss?

Beyond the beautifully silly pictures and the hypnotically screwy rhymes of Seuss' world, the reason why his books have survived crappy movies such as The Grinch and that Mike Myers atrocity, the reason why they may well outlast America itself, is because they are funny, wise and honest books—and they make us feel so good we're eager to share them with those we love. Dr. Seuss makes us want to be better people, and somehow, some way, he makes it fun. Shortly before his death, Geisel was asked if he had any message for the kids of the USA. He responded with what may be the most on-target words of his entire, amazing career.

"The best slogan I can think of to leave with the kids of the USA would be: 'We can . . . and we've got to . . . do better than this.'"

And then he went back and crossed out "the kids of."

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