'How DARE you call the film phony. This is a war against the Vietnamese community. We will organize a major protest against OC Weekly'


The following are in regards to Tom Child's March 23 SXSW follow-up, "Endless Music vs. Endless Promotion"

I've been a fan of OC Weekly since the paper started and always have found Chris Ziegler's writing thought-provoking. Unfortunately, the thought that it normally provoked was: "What the hell is this guy talking about?" But he was at least entertaining, and I have to admit, I was a little concerned when I heard that he had left. However, after reading Tom Child's stories from South by Southwest, I realize the Weekly's new music writer is able not only to make me think, but also to make me feel. And that newfound element is quite welcome! Great job, Tom. Can't wait to see what's next!
Michael Peters
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This article is excellent—a thoroughly captivating depiction of his experience at SXSW! He focuses his awareness on his own experience rather than filling the space with void details that one could easily find if they were to do a search about the band. Instead, he engages the reader with his own intake process. A very refreshing approach to reviewing a band.
Emily White
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The following regards Seven MacDonald's March 23 story, "You're On With Jesus," on Neil Saavedra, who masquerades as Jesus Christ on his KFI radio talk show.

Great job. I'm a huge fan of Neil (pre- and post-Jesus). I enjoyed the straightforward approach. No B.S.
Chris Barron
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The following concerns Rob Harvilla's March 23 "Hot Hot Heat," which breaks down the Mims' single "This Is Why I'm Hot."

While [it was] a decent idea to somehow translate the undecipherable prose, they aren't even correct! Any college freshman who has been forced into taking statistics could tell you that. And why is he even writing on some New York hip-hop guy? Even if Nas is wrong and hip-hop isn't dead, we live in Orange County, and MTV and I are already doing plenty to sell Top 40 records. I don't think they need the only major alt-weekly we have to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, I know many local bands that DO need your help and yet aren't getting it, and unfortunately, it doesn't look as if they will be.
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An editor responds: How wrong you are, Jeff. See new editor Dave Segal's note in today's Music section.


Jim Ridley's March 23 review of the documentaryAn Unreasonable Man drew this response.

Not all Nader voters regret their vote, much as Democrats would hope we would. The problems Ralph Nader talked about in 2000 are still there.
Mike Sandler
Marina del Rey

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