'If you dont like him, dont listen to him, you fuckin moron'

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The following concerns R. Scott Moxley's Feb. 23 "Daddy Dearest," about a young girl's poor living conditions.

I shared your alarming story with several of my friends. With the comforts of our homes and lives, it is easy to forget that some Orange County children grow up in horrible daily conditions. Our prayers go out to that precious 5-year-old little girl, Raven. Thank you for sharing her story.
Marie Miller
Newport Beach


This regards Greg Stacy's March 9 "Onward, Christian Soldier," about a legendary TV pastor's widow following in her husband's footsteps.

Thank you for this article. I recently noticed Pastor Melissa Scott on TV and found her fascinating. I find all the "people of faith" on TV completely mesmerizing—I was positive she was just too pretty to always have been a "woman of faith." I went searching for info and found very little, just as your article details, but this article told me almost everything I wanted to know about Melissa Pastore/Barbi Bridges. I would LOVE to know where she grew up, or wherever it is she got that really strange accent. Her accent is sort of Southern, with a touch of upper Midwest, and has a bit of an Irish undertone in there. Something like that. It's very odd. Thanks again!
Joy Shores
Elgin, IL


The following concerns R. Scott Moxley's "Teeny Bop Panty Drop"—which was posted online March 12 and appeared in print March 16—on accused child molester Jeffrey Nielsen, whose recent trial ended with a hung jury.

I guess possessing child pornography is okay; that's the message our legal system is sending. I hear news stories like this practically every day, and the one thing they all have in common is the lack of justice for the children and families. I have a 3-year-old son, and God forbid anything ever happen to him. If it does, I will not turn to our "justice system"—I will take matters into my own hands. The courts have left us with no choice.
Crista Avila
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The following are in regards to Sam McPheeters' March 16 "No, Sir, I Don't Like Him," in which he expresses his disdain for Eric Clapton.

So, you don't know anyone who likes Eric Clapton. Maybe you don't know the right people. And "creepy"? Please. "Layla" certainly isn't the only song about love and lust. If that makes the singer/songwriter creepy, then I guess that would make just about all blues, country and rock musicians creepy. Perhaps your punk crowd doesn't understand the difference between stealing and covering songs. Funny that you would mention "lack of class" and accuse Clapton of being a thief, when in fact he has done more to bring attention to the blues artists he admires than just about any other musician, and his covers of their songs has put money in their pockets. Clapton is the definition of class, something that cannot be said about you and your friends. By the way, the queen also did not know Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page or Brian May when she met them along with Eric Clapton. Clapton's response was that it did not matter that she did not know who they were, it was just great to meet her. He's not only an icon, a legend and a musician who has earned the respect of fans and peers alike, but he's also a class act.
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What a bunch of revisionist crap. You think half of the so-called "melodic" bullshit cramming the airways is better than basic Delta blues and original rock & roll that was created before you were a twinkle in your daddy's eye? You don't know anyone who likes Clapton because you have your head up your ass and never asked anyone besides your own self-centered, egotistical, lame and idiotic friends whose world-view is extended as far as their right hand will reach. Eat shit and die.
Gary B.
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Sam McPheeters is an idiot with no taste. Clapton puts on an epic show, and the band he has with him is extraordinary.
Bob Baird
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If you don't like him, don't listen to him, you fuckin' moron.
"Zoltan Yazketz"
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The following concerns Vickie Chang's March 16 Trendzilla on small dogs and their expensive clothes.

I say, "FUCK YEAH!" to that article. It's about damn time someone said it. It's freaking ridiculous, and I couldn't agree more with the writer.
Kristyn McDonnell
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The first letter is in response to Gustavo Arellano's March 16 This Hole-in-the-Wall Life review of Chicago Pizza. The second is on that and other OC Weekly food reviews.

I work near Chicago Pizza, and I treat myself to lunch there once in a while. It is the best pizza I've had anywhere in the county (and I've had a lot). On top of that, the employees are very nice. Thanks for the review. They deserve some acknowledgment.
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