Aural Reports

Recording company founder

Hip-hop, punk rock, R&B, pop— if it's good, The OC Recording Co.'s founder and head engineer Asaf Fulks will lay it down.

What is The OC Recording Co.?

OC Recording is a studio in Orange County providing professional recording at affordable rates to aspiring bands and established musicians. My partner Jeff Burk and I also do voiceovers for radio or TV commercials, production, and web design. We've been open a little under two years. It's a commercial office building in Santa Ana. I went to college in Ohio at Dennison University. My major was computer science, but I did recording more than I did computer science. I came out here because my mom worked at a book publisher, Seven Locks Press. When I came out, I started to work there, too. [The owner] had two office buildings and one side he used for storage, so I turned it into a recording studio.

Did your computer-science background help when you got into recording?

Yeah, definitely. I think the computer-science stuff is more difficult. The rigor of doing computer science helps with staying organized when doing recording sessions and mixing. Recording changes all the time. Everything used to be analog, and now most studios are all digital. With digital, there's always new programs coming out and new equipment. So, you've got to stay on top of things.

Are there any styles of music you specialize in recording?

I'm just passionate about music. I think good music is good music. It doesn't have to be one style or another. My background is mostly in hip-hop and R&B. That's what I tend to get the most of. We do everything from punk rock, to doo-wop, classical music, voiceovers, pop music, anything you can think of. Music's a universal language.

People don't necessarily associate hip-hop and R&B with Orange County.

It's funny because it's so close to Los Angeles, and California is a pretty diverse place. I think hip-hop and R&B . . . when people see a studio that specializes in that and does it really well, they'll come from LA, Long Beach. There are people doing hip-hop anywhere, really.

Have any local favorites?

Prominent Sons in Long Beach; we did the whole album together. They're underground hip-hop. Also, Non-Pareilux from Huntington Beach, Sevenfalls, a local punk band, and we've done a lot of work with Chiladon Entertainment in Newport Beach. Currently, we're taking The OC Recording Co. to the next level where we'll start producing artists, trying to get them record deals. We found a local artist called Mona Lisa. She's from Latvia. She came in to record one day and had a really good voice. We're going to work with her pretty seriously and try to make her the next big thing.

What else is in the future?

Production deals, and maybe opening a few more locations in Orange County, trying to be the main thing in Orange County as far as recording. I think that the rates we offer people are lower than other professional recording studios in the area. The quality we give people is just as good, if not better than those other studios. We have all the fancy gear, but the stuff that makes the most difference is the engineer that you work with. Obviously, I know what I'm doing [laughs].