'Please note that Spackle is a registered trademark of the Muralo company. Please note this in future articles when referring to Spackle.'

Mr. Edelen, allow the mirror of your words to reflect: "this is a mark of [your] own religious illiteracy."

Next time you may as well say: "There are no absolutes and I am certain there are no English sentences."
Josh Cox
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[The following letter pertains to Gustavo Arellano's March 1 "This Hole-in-the-Wall-Life" on restaurant Union Jack Fish & Chips in which Arellano states Cadbury chocolate makes Hershey seem as "bland as spackle."]

Please note that Spackle is a registered trademark of the Muralo company. Please note this in future articles when referring to Spackle.
James Norton, worker
Muralo Company


Sad story this week about the Mexican guy getting the crap beaten out of him for no reason [Nick Schou's "'We Love Hunting Wetbacks,'" Feb. 22]—but [it was] also a little slanted. My only comment: The Minuteman Project is fighting against ILLEGAL immigrants. Not all immigrants. And no, I'm not a member, don't go to their rallies. I'm just a regular person who really has feelings for both sides. But don't skew the story please. It makes me wonder about the validity of other things you write about.
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This is fucking bullshit. Someone needs to do something about the fucking racist white cops!
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I used to be in law enforcement and worked internal affairs for several years. It sounds like B.S. to me. No physical evidence and with all the traffic on the 55 freeway, no witnesses? Sounds like someone has an ax to grind with the OC Sheriff's Department and two willing sympathizers along with an ambulance-chasing attorney! GOOD LUCK!
John Allen
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[The following letters are in regards to R. Scott Moxley's Feb. 28 follow-up article, "Chilly Specter of An Accused Pervert," which chronicles the trial of accused child molester and Republican activist Jeff Nielsen.]

What else is new? I have to agree with one thing: that "bumbling police detectives" probably caused this disgusting person to remain free to walk around amongst the public, endangering other young lives—of course, the fact that he has money certainly was a plus. As for [defense lawyer Paul] Meyer, does that pig have a family? Does he have children . . .? As for a family image of an elderly gentlemen/attorney with dandruff on his shoulders, old men with dandruff hardly make a family image—maybe a "sick family image." Actually, it indicates how Meyer thinks— he is nothing but a dirty old man, much like his client!
Joyce Miller
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What happened to reporting the news in an unbiased manner? Or reporting only facts and not opinion? This reporter must really, really have a personal vendetta against Jeff Nielsen or maybe an obsession with him in some weird way? Otherwise, how do you explain his constant "he must be guilty" opinions? I hope he's not ever on any jury! The person would be thrown in jail before the trial even began! Sad state of affairs we're in these days because of reporting like this. If the DA's office had any REAL actual physical evidence this trial would not have taken 4 years to begin, would it? But then again, [Moxley's] reporting of the "facts" is non-existent. He simply states his "opinion" without giving the reader the "facts" of the case.
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