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Lawsuit alleges mystery snuff film shows police informants death

In a brief courthouse interview last year, Bakhtar insisted he was innocent of any wrongdoing. Paperwork filed by his attorneys in opposition to Cator's lawsuit asserts that Nelson had overdosed on drugs in the past, that she was already intoxicated when she arrived at his house the night she died, and that Cator is pursuing conspiracy theories instead of coming to terms with her own failings as a mother.

Meanwhile, Johar's whereabouts are unknown—he skipped bail on drug charges shortly before Nelson's death. Shaw failed to respond to several interview requests for this story, and Cator's attorney, Norman Gregory Fernandez, refused to elaborate on Shaw's sensational claims. "We intend to meet our burden of proof," he said. "State Bar Association rules prohibit me from making any statements that would prejudice a potential jury."

However, David Brent, the DA's chief homicide investigator, confirmed that his office hasn't completely shut the door on a possible homicide case involving Nelson's death. He said his office has held at least one meeting with Shaw and has assigned an investigator to interview alleged eyewitnesses in the case. "We heard that there was some video," Brent added. "We asked for that, and for any evidence that they have. But we haven't gotten anything yet."

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