'Next time before you try and make a witty pointGod forbid for all of our sakes you never try againmake sure to at least have some sort of idea about life.'

Mr. Bercher tries to claim his client was convicted based on his race and youth. The truth of the matter is that DAs throughout the courthouse ask jurors to hold defendants accountable for their actions within the meaning of California Law, regardless of their age or color.

California codes and case law have specifically spelled out that those who aid and abet or act in concert when committing a crime will be responsible for the actions of the principal perpetrator. The law officially recognizes common sense that individuals are less likely to follow through with intended criminal conduct when they are acting alone.

It is sad that the defense chose to focus on the victim's sexual orientation—that somehow the crime was justified because the victim was gay. His argument that the victim somehow provoked his attempted murder is insulting to all races, homosexual or heterosexual. My heart still goes out to the victim and his family for their ongoing victimization. It is sad the defense is continuing to use sexual orientation to give meaning or understanding to cold, callous conduct of cold-blooded killers. In looking at this crime, we should remember the victim, not the abhorrent conduct of these individuals who pretend to be changed once they have been caught for their crimes.
Karen Schatzle
Deputy District Attorney


Once again, I wanted to thank you for this article [Gustavo Arellano's "McKnight Fall," Jan. 26] and others that have shed light on the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. I was abused in the '70s while attending a Catholic high school in LA. My abuser started grooming me in my last year of grade school and became my freshman religion teacher as well as my basketball coach.
Name withheld by request
Via e-mail


Last week's letter by Richard Kun, president of Big Bear Mountain Resorts, was edited for space. But Matt Coker's response to that letter made references to points by Kun that were edited out. You can read Kun's entire letter at

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