'Give us all a breakthe Mexican wetback has become the majority.'

I encountered the same attitude last year when I asked Paul Bauer of Wrightwood's Mountain High ski resort if he thought climate change would impact local skiers and boarders. Bauer, the resort's Director of Environmental Affairs, suggested that I read Michael Crichton's State of Fear (the 2004 novel that suggests global warming is a bunch of hot air). In the end, it's understandable that Kun, Bauer and others become animated when the topic is raised. Big Bear and Wrightwood sit at relative low altitudes, and no amount of snowmaking is going to save these businesses if temperatures follow accepted projections over the next 30 to 50 years. Other ski areas in Colorado and California are in the vanguard, educating the public about the disturbing effects we are already seeing. Climate change is real, it's here and it's an arrow aimed directly at Southern California's most temperature-dependent businesses.


Thank you for putting into words so well the majestic allure of one HB council member Debbie Cook in your "OC's Sexiest People" ["Sexy Sexies!," Feb. 8] article. When I watch city council meetings on HBTV 3 her hyper-smarts give me a secure feeling knowing she's representing the interests of HB. Her powerful wealth of knowledge and professionalism should have been enough to intimidate foul bunts like Joe Carchio from even running. I simply hope for the sake of the future of HB politics that the world renowned M.I.L.F. hunter doesn't pick up her scent. Peak oil? Yeah . . . peak somethin' . . . eh? Am I right? Eh? (Beat) Never mind.


Ah, la ignorancia de estos gringos! Let me tell you something about Mexican nicknames [Gustavo Arellano's "°Ask a Mexican!" Feb. 1]. It is not strictly a Mexican phenomenon, nor is it an attempt by local natives and mestizos to get back at the Spanish masters by way of "defiantly infiltrating the invaders' Spanish language with Nahuatl" as that burro professor from East Los Angeles Community College told that unsuspecting tonto. All of Latin America uses nicknames.

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