'Give us all a breakthe Mexican wetback has become the majority.'

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[Regarding R. Scott Moxley's Feb. 9 story "Illegaly Park-ed," which reports that a former officer avoided criminal liability for his undisputed sexual encounter with a motorist.]

Damn good article. If men were men, this would be one of those times that they would find this jerkoff and take him out behind the woodshed and beat the living shit out of him

Bob Minarik
Rochester, IN


Regarding the wetback story [Nick Schou's "'We Love Hunting Wetbacks,'" Feb. 22]: if it were a white guy who had been pulled over and roughed up by the police in Costa Mesa, no one would give a darn. Remember the white girls in Long Beach who were beat up and the black kids walked? Give the appeal-to-pity stories a rest. The guy has a lawyer. The L.A. Times never discusses white people unless it is in reference to how we have short changed or ignored the plight of the poor Mexican minority. Give us all a break—the Mexican wetback has become the majority.
Via e-mail

Let's not forget that Mansoor is nothing but H. Millard's puppet. The ironic thing about it is that Mansoor is half Egyptian and half Swedish. Millard should be damming Mansoor's Swedish mother to eternal Perdition for dumping her Nordic genes into a racial sewer. But racism, like politics, makes strange bedfellows.
Via e-mail


[The following letters are in response to R. Scott Moxley's Feb. 19 story, "Hate, Inc.," which reports on Ronald Lee Bray's racially-motivated assaults on a disabled African-American man and a Nicaraguan-American man during separate incidents.]

Really sad story. Yet while I'm not shooting for a history lesson for you, as a skinhead I have to tell you true skinheads are not Nazis or racist. These are boneheads, who give the likes of me a bad reputation (I'm openly skinhead). The skinheads' inception had a HUGE push from a black man named Desmond Decker. You have the resources to quickly verify this. I think it's hilarious that this inbred screamed out, "OC Skinheads, mother fucker." It is almost excusable because he IS ignorant and pathetic—the guy is an unemployed vinyl window installer. You, unfortunately, have no excuse. I'll keep reading your articles with vigor. You do good work.
Buenos Aires

So you think PEN1 makes the Klan seem downright homey, homie? Has PEN1 lynched thousands of blacks and Mexicans? PEN1 is nothing more than a bunch of tweakers with small dicks who don't know anything about being white.


So I was already was a bit sour about Will Swaim leaving the paper, but after reaching the back page to read one of my favorite writers, my Thursday night went into the toilet. I cannot believe Rebecca is leaving. I loved her column and looked forward to it every week. She and others at the paper brought sanity to those of us living in this ultra conservative mad county. I know I counted on the Weekly and Rebecca to expose the wrongs and right the rights of the goings-on in OC. I live in Huntington Beach, a half block from the ocean, and that sea breeze can keep the smog away but it can't make the stench of corruption blow away in my town or the county. Rebecca and the Weekly have been able to make that stink blow away. I have fought hard to spread the word and keep guys like Joe Carchio out of office and it is a real uphill battle, but having Rebecca and the Weekly on my side made it all worth the fight. I will dearly miss Rebecca not only crushing all the crooked politicians and real Orange County housewives but also her exploits out on the town. I loved reading every one of her columns. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Rebecca. I will miss you dearly.
Brian Leyba
Huntington Beach

The Southern California Mountains have nearly always been short of natural snow for skiing and that's why we have had to rely heavily on man-made snow to operate our business that has provided literally millions of skiers and boarders a pleasurable experience. With our new and additional low-emission, energy-efficient snowmaking equipment, we can now virtually guarantee skiable snow will cover the ski runs of our Big Bear resorts all winter long. Call it denial, but I believe we will continue to do so for many years to come, regardless of any natural snowfall trend.

In Mr. Brian [sic] Coker's article [Matt Coker's "An Inconvenient Slope," Feb. 15] his obvious contempt for my views about radical environmentalism and my skepticism about certain aspects of the global warming debate (and there is much to debate) appears to have negatively colored his opinion, not only of me personally and Big Bear Mountain Resort's snowmaking efforts, but of the very future of Big Bear as a viable winter recreation destination. I can find no other explanation for his cynical characterizations of me and our snowmaking dependent business . . . unless it was the cold eggs. . . .

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