'I no longer sell photos but there are great benefits to being married to the Mattress Maven of the Inland Empire. My sister the Rabbi tells me she is available at a moments notice.'

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[The letters continue to pour in regarding R. Scott Moxley's Feb. 9 story "Illegaly Park-ed," in which Moxley reports that a former officer avoided criminal liability for his undisputed sexual encounter with a motorist.]

I was alternate juror #2 on the David Park trial. In my opinion, based on the evidence and testimony, David Park should have been found guilty on all three counts of sexual assault. It should be noted, however, that I was not part of the jury deliberations. Proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is quite challenging when the defendant is not an unsympathetic figure and when the victim is somewhat erratic in her behavior and testimony. I respect the decision of my fellow jurors even though I believe they reached the wrong verdict. In the end, Mr. Park has been punished to a certain extent (i.e. lost his dream job as a police officer, has been subjected to embarrassing scrutiny, etc.), and the victim has received a substantial financial settlement. This may not be perfect justice, but our judicial system is not designed to render perfect justice.
Tau-Mu Yi
Irvine, CA

I was a criminal defense attorney for a number of years and that story shocks me.
Joe Touchole
Via e-mail

I read this article and I was disgusted. What the officer did is sexual assault; he should be serving jail time. Even if this woman had been a prostitute he had no right to do this to her. Police officers should not get special treatment. I would be interested to know if any further actions are being taken and if there is any sort of petition or movement to get this sickening man fired from police work forever.
Jessica Harper
Via e-mail

I take it from your comment, "who works in construction nowadays," that Park is no longer with the Irvine Police Department. At least I would sincerely hope that is the case. As for having all men with the exception of one woman on the jury, it sounds like a stacked jury to me. Especially since all of the men were more or less over the hill and men of that age are the ones who hang out at places like "Captain Cream." Park may be a male, but he certainly isn't a man. Scary to think that is what we have out there supposedly to uphold the law and protect citizens. Park is a pig who is now out there free to terrorize other young women!
Joyce Miller
Via e-mail

Great article. It reminds of one of my favorite movies, Bad Lieutenant.
Sam Isfan
Via e-mail

I just wanted to say thank you for your article. There is a fine thread that supposedly connects humanity: common decency and respect. This should be acknowledged in every human being. I thank you for your honest insight, unashamed bias towards the clear and obvious truth, and your dedication to offering your gift of craft, writing and covering the news.
Kimberly Kirven
Los Angeles, CA

Park should be in jail!
Via e-mail

I really don't know what to say, other than what's new in OC? This Jaramillo-inspired deviant displays the kind of behavior that we in Orange County have come to expect from our local law enforcement. This has got to be one of the most ass-backwards acquittals since the OCSD decided not to discipline those officers in HB, and that was what, last week? It just keeps getting better.
Via e-mail

I think you should leave the poor guy alone. I mean, come on. He has lost his career and so much more. Besides that, Lucy was a drunk with a 502 under her belt. A tramp who is paid to expose herself to strange men. She wasn't forced. Just a money hungry ho!
Danielle Hopkins
Via e-mail


Just read Rebecca's column ["See You, Suckers!" Feb. 2]. I have not missed an issue in 11 years and I have read every issue cover to cover from day one. I am also known throughout OC and Long Beach as the "photo guy" since 1985-2000. I have worked in every night club in OC at one time or another selling Polaroids. There are thousands of my photos throughout OC & Long Beach clubs. I feel like a family member has died. I will miss you all very much, I will mourn your resignations for at least seven days—that's Jewish law; "Sitting Shiva." Best wishes to Will Swaim and Chris Ziegler—live, love, laugh. Thanks to you and all the staff writers at the Weekly. OC Weekly has been and I hope will continue to be the best newspaper I have ever read. Most important—would someone please let Commie Girl know that she is the only woman I have ever fallen in love with, sight unseen. My family would love it if I were to marry anyone named Rebecca. I am sorry that it took a resignation for me to get up the courage to do what I am about to do. So here goes: Dear Rebecca, Would you consider being my future ex-wife? I am in love with you and now [This letter was hand-written and we have no idea what it says here!] A face on the love of [Oh, how we wish we could read this!] that I have great taste in women and if your answer is no—how about coffee? Or a game of disc golf? I no longer sell photos but there are great benefits to being married to the Mattress Maven of the Inland Empire. My sister the rabbi tells me she is available at a moment's notice. All I have to do is tell her when and where. So if marriage, coffee, or disc golf is out of the question, well, at least I tried. Best wishes to you and all who are leaving the Weekly. Have a great life. If I am unlucky in love, maybe someone needs a new mattress. All my love to Rebecca.

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