Hey, You!

Baa-baa Fat Sheep!

I was the person standing in front of you at the Orange Drop New Year's Eve Party at the Orange County Fairgrounds. You were the loud obnoxious guy on his cell phone interrupting the soundtrack to an awesome 1980s musical orgy. All you could bleat about was " . . . how fat, bloated, and out of tune" Debbie Harry of Blondie was. "Yeah, and she looks like crap as a redhead," you so eloquently added about her obvious costume wig. I turned to look at you—a fine specimen of manhood, fat, bloated, and balding. Considering that the rock icon paved the way for women in music, is over 50, has had numerous medical problems and is still rocking, what have YOU done lately, dude? Happy Freaking New Year to you too, you buzz killer. Stay home next year and watch a video time capsule from 1982 when you were perfect too.

Illustration by Bob Aul
Illustration by Bob Aul

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