Espanol Sung Here

WEB EXCLUSIVE!: Crossing over: whos doing it, whos not

Who: Marc Anthony

Destination: Ethnocentric hell

Why: Also known as Mr. Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony claims he is the bestselling salsa artist in the world. (Yawn.) Anthony does have a decent voice, and he did have the English-language hit "I Need to Know" a few years ago, but there's a chink in his mental armor. Forget that he dumped his kids and wife (the former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres) for the fickle Ms. Lopez. Now he's having to baby-sit Lopez so he doesn't become her next ex-husband. And on each of his last two tours, he's paired up with other Latin stars, playing almost exclusively to Spanish-speaking crowds (supposedly because that's the only place where he can outshine his ultra-famous wife). These tactics might save his marriage, but they won't get him a new audience.

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