Who's Got Crystal Balls?

The Weekly wants your '07 predictions

Will the Ducks win the Stanley Cup? Will the Angels make it to the Series? Will Tawny Kitaen stay out of jail? Will terrorists hit one of our local targets: Disneyland, the San Onofre nuke plant or TBN headquarters? Should they hit Disneyland? Will home prices collapse? What will happen first: our troops out of Iraq or Bush out of the White House? And what about Britney Spears? Will she find love, or if she can't find love is this crazy world not worth a hill of beans? What kind of beans? Kidney? Refried? Black? Who you callin' kidney?

Folks, we need your help. Please click here and, after reading the above all over again—or skipping it; what, we run your lives?—please leave your comments in the box at the bottom of the blog link. We are conducting what those crack scientists at Tyra call "research" or an "upcoming" thing we like to call "a piece." Yummm . . . Tyra: now there's a piece. Damn fine kidney, too. Wonder what's in store for her in '07. Follow the link and tell us, 'cause like we said, we don't know shit. That's where you come in: to give us shit. 

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