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Dec. 21-Dec. 28 Get Out! Nightlife and More

Just in case for you travelers: Project Blowed hip-hop conglomerate blows out a dozen years with an anniversary show at OC expat club Safari Sam's with a full division representing the most vital collective of the nineties on: headline from Aceyalone and Abstract Rude and Mikah 9 as Haiku D'Etat plus about one hundred other dudes from the comps old and new. More details on the Blowed MySpace (/projectblowed) but get tix early because this will wipe the rest of the year out.

Mars Volta satellite band Big Sir does test transmissions like This Heat (or This Heat post-project Lifetones) plus Jaco Pastorius and modest vox from singer Lisa that put this on the very daring side of poptones happening between about '82 and '89. Live show (with auxiliary bassist from Hella) promises lucky circumstance as a catch-as-catch-can studio project tip-toes into full-banddom onstage. Scholarly stuff played by musical hyphenates for musical hyphenates. At Detroit.

Sat.: Big Fish
Sat.: Big Fish

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