Diary of a Mad County

Dec. 6-Dec. 12

Tuesday, Dec. 12
! (The good kind.) The Garden Grove Freeway is open. Boy is it. Hey, I won't lie: I like my freeways wide. Nice and wide. You can have your skinny-ass 55s, your boney diamond lanes. Make mine expansive. Oh, yeah. Look at my dials, 22 freeway! They're all pointing up. Mmmm hmmmm. You like this, don't you? Like it when I go fast. But not too fast, let's make it last. Uh huh. What's that? A sign up ahead telling me to get off. Oh, I'm gonna get off. You can bet I'm gonna get off (so lonely).

Dec. 7: Indescribable. Photo by Jack Gould
Dec. 7: Indescribable. Photo by Jack Gould


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