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Say what you will about your article, but I have had "yellow fever" for 15 years. I'm extemely attracted to asian women especially asian american women and have dated several. I do not believe it is a submissive attraction, as the asian americans I have dated have very strong personalities. I think they are just physically more attractive to me. I have heard the same from many of my peers. Regardless, I have found that asian american women do enjoy dating caucasian men and I for one hope that doesn't change.  

I personally liked the article. Me and my friends often refer to guys with "Yellow Fever" as APGs.  Or "Asia-Phile Guys." I happen to have run into more than a handful in my day and I still get people who are slight acquaintances at best ask me if I have any single Asian female friends because they "love asian women." The flip side of the coin is the other kind of APGs.  Or "Anglo-Phile Gals," Asian women who refuse to date Asian men and only date white men. Usually for some lame excuse like they never were attracted to Asian men, or they "once dated an asian guy" in high school or maybe college, and he ended up as a jerk or some kinda ridiculous stereotype. Because CLEARLY an 18 or 19 year old Asian man is representative of all Asian men in general. Too bad ALL 18 and 19 year old men are idiots, but that's what they choose t o take away from that experience. Basically Asian men are never in the media or portrayed as "heart throbs" or the "ideal physical model," hence it's obvious why so many Asian women want to date white men. It's sad really, because as bad as a white guy's "yellow fever" is, and how illogical it may seem. An Asian woman's "Anglo-philia" can be just as bad, sometimes ... even worse.

Hey Vickie I'm just emailing you to say i agree with all the stuff you said. I'm all up for interracial relationships too, but the ones you described are the ones i hate, those relationships occur for all l the wrong reasons, and those people can go to hell. Also, for these relationships, there's so much ignorance from both sides. I'm willing to bet there are more ignorant Asian women that want to go to white guys (instead of Asian guys) for stereotypical reasons than the other way around. It's a sad state of affairs, and I'm hoping it'll blow over soon. Anyways, keep up the good work! cya around.

This email is in response to Vickie Chang's recent article "Yellow Fever", as well as the number of email letters it seemed to generate. I forwarded the article to several Asian female friends, then asked them all how they personally felt about the whole yellow fever issue. Sadly, the majority of them admitted they were either desensitized, or even worse, indifferent towards the subject. I was particularly upset with my friend Lianna who is Chinese-Canadian, and is taking journalism in university. She seems to think that these stereotypes -- the Asian female as the subservient geisha and the Asian male as the asexual, passive-aggressive type -- will always exist so there's no point in trying to change them. Many of my former Asian female collegues in j-school also shared these beliefs. As a Korean-Canadian journalist, I applaud Vickie's effort to discuss these kinds of cultural stereotypes and surrounding issues. It is something I've tried to do in the past when writing for Asian magazines, and I feel it is something all Asian North American journalists should embrace in order to have our message heard. Keep up the great work.

I would like to voice my support for Vickie Chang and her fantastic, well-written take on Asiaphilia. Working in ESL for a number of years, I have had the unique experience of watching both Japanese exchange students learn about American culture as well as American students come to know actual Japanese people (i.e., not Anime babes, yakuza, or martial arts practitioners). It's always interesting to watch American guys fall for these Japanese girls, even going so far as to declare their love for them despite a huge language barrier and despite knowing them for little more than 2 or 3 weeks. Asiaphilia is a real and definite problem. Being a caucasian American, it was a little difficult in the beginning to convince my Korean girlfriend (now my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years) that my feelings for her were genuine and not the product of a sexua l fascination with Asian women. I have since traveled to Korea, begun learning the written and spoken language, and begun learning Korean history and culture. She's a brilliant girl, majoring in International Relations. I want to thank you for further identifying this previously unnamed problem and exposing its cultural implications. Please keep up the good work!!

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