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As an attractive Asian American female, I can absolutely relate to Vicky Chang's experience. To those who bash her article, you've obviously missed the point. Her article pertains to white men who have a certain idea of an Asian woman BEFORE he even gets to know the woman, based on his fetished beliefs of Asian women. And as an intelligent, attractive Asian, I find these men very repulsive. As a matter of fact, when these men approach me, I ask them if they've dated Asian girls in the past, and if they've shown a pattern of dating Asian girls, I will reject them. That's a fetish! I'm so sick of seeing unattractive white guys paired with attractive Asian women. But I don't blame the white guys for trying. It's the Asian women who don't love themselves who are solely responsible for their self hatred. Now, for legitimate mixed couples, who actually have a relationship based on shared experiences and common interests, more power to ya.

I find the comments by this young Asian lady to be out of focus, and so simple, because there actually is a realy very complex interaction by two cultures. Her reducing this interaction in such a manner lowers this interaction to an unrealistic, totally illogical pretense. I am better than you think I am. I would say that this Asian woman consistently missunderstands her interaction with other cultures, lives in a vacuum (she sucks up everyone elses energy). These interactions may develop into a meaningful relationship, but are invalidated by racial stereotyping by an especially (un)liberated self absorbed young lady.


As an Asian female student atttending the University of California, I can't say I'm surprised this topic has come up yet again, but I am surprised that the OC Weekly considered it worthy of publication. A segment of Asian American youth, overwhelmingly male, has focused their bitterness about this topic in Asian American studies classes and on websites, forums, message boards and chatrooms all over the net, and the one thing they seek is validation for their beliefs about white men dating or marrying Asian women. It's sad to see the OC Weekly entertains such ridiculous non-sense. But in the spirit of fairness, will we see articles about why white women are dating black men in the near future? 

When I first read this article, I wanted to write in and ask your staff to kindly push Miss Chang off the fence. It wasn't at all convincing that she is upset over what she calls "yellow fever." She starts the article by describing her predicament in almost a taunting nature, and then later parlays [that] into why being an object of obsession bothers her. While reading the article (and thinking of all my yellow fever stricken friends), I couldn't help feeling that this was some twisted form of self promotion. It's as if she is trying to mask her content with poorly manufactured accusations. It seemed even through her responses that she wrote this article without really thinking about what she was saying. Now, I'm sure she is relishing in the fact that she wrote something "controversial." The only thing controversial about this article was the Weekly's decision to publish it.  

When will white guys here in OC and rest of America just face the facts: They are attracted to Asian women on the sole basis of race. All that crap about genuine love is pretty ridiculous; how else do you explain this social occurrence? Notice none of white male writers can even comment on fact that white imperialism and privilege exist and that's why the world revolved around them. Western media is nothing more than idolizing on how great white people are basically; I mean, look at all these responses from white guys who are writing about this story. It's like the cat is out of bag or something, and they feel the need to write about or defend their actions of being with an Asian woman. You have a white guys responding straight out saying he likes or prefers Asian women, which of course is race based and you have another writer who has a Korean girlfriend (1.5 years), has studied Korean, visited Korea and yet he stills claim he is NOT an Asian-Koreanphile. Fact is white guys or white America still doesn't or can't separate the foreigner label and Asian American culture from Asian Culture. I say white guys who go after Asian women are just plain losers, because why would a white male need to go after an Asian female if white female is epitome symbol of feminine beauty? 

I liked the article a lot. Thought it was excellent. And Gwen Stefani is wrong, and I hope people (respectively) don't let her of the hook. I disagree with the quote about whites being "colonizers" who look attractive. Firstly, Asian-Americans are not colonized and secondly Amercan whites, that is poor and working class ones, are hardly the people some UCLA student is going to date for upward mobility. So a little class analysis about class mobility would help there, minus the misuse of the word "colonizer."

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