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Size matters. Personally, I don't think it's a cultural thing, but rather a physical one. I think inter-racial attracton has more to do with just basic physical attributes.  In the OC, where I live, there are three main ethnicities—Whites, Hispanics, Asians. Whites tend to be bigger and taller (more masculine traits); that's why women of all ethnicities are likely to be attracted to White men. Asians and Hispanics tend to be smaller and shorter (more feminine traits); thus men are more interested in Asian and Hispanic women. Thus white girls, although hot, tend to appear too confident and overwhelming for some men. So ignoring race or culture, big people tend to be attracted to smaller ones, and vice versa. For an example, in high school, tall (and more likely white) guys tend to be voted more often for popularity contests. As for girls, it tends to be the smaller [cuter and more ethnic] ones who win. 

Vickie Chang's article "Yellow Fever" is amazing. As a south Asian woman I find her frankness refreshing and I fully support her guts to write this. Yay, Vickie!  

I really enjoyed reading your article.  Although I'm an African-American woman living in the deep South, I can relate to how people approach you based strictly on assumptions about race and gender. Keep writing, keep educating.  Take care!

So I don't have an Asian girlfriend and never have had one; in fact, I married a European woman. You Asian women should know one thing: the men who idolize you are pedophiles in disguise because Asian women look like teenage and even pre-teen European women even when they are fully developed. That is the attraction, along Anglo men's belief that Asian women will go crazy over the larger Anglo genitalia, which I believe is what propels the Asian craze amongst white men. I guess they just hope the Asian girls haven't had any prior black boyfriends!  LOL (P.S. I'm not black, either) 

I would like to congratulate you on this article. I'm glad to see that this phenomenon hasn't gone unnoticed. While I agree with many points made, I also think that to be truly fair to the entire subject, a longer article would have been required. There were other aspects not thoroughly considered, like the pro-Asian movement that Western man has been experiencing in general, and not in a negative way like with Gwen Stefani but by many earnest individuals looking to better themselves. Lacking in any real culture of their own, many non-Asian Americans have been embracing the Asian culture because it truly is inspiring and awesome.  I myself, who is of mixed Asian-Anglo descent and raised by an Asian father who turned his back on his culture, have embraced it in much the same manner. Although there is the submissive image of the Asian woman that attracts men, I believe men are also drawn to Asian women because we are beautiful. I know that club-hopping can turn off a woman of any ethnicity as the drunk men there are generally just horny, desperate—or drunk, and looking for an easy lay. As sheep people are influenced by the media which has gone a long way of late to play up the attractiveness of the Asian woman. It's natural for men to be drawn to us now. Fifteen to twenty years ago when I frequented clubs, such was not the case. Still, I liked your article a lot. Keep up the good work!

I found your article to be very intriguing. I think its very true that a lot of Caucasian males have fetishes with Asian women. All my white friends have Asian girlfriends, althought not all of them have Asian fetishes but they truly care/love their girlfriends for who they are and their personalities. If you look back into Asian-American history, poor Asian male immigrant workers (mostly in California) dated white women whether it be they were the only women available and also they were frequently available at the dime-a-dance halls. Filipino-Americans often dated white women as Filipino males were often sought after by white women. I think if you look far back, you will see more instances of Asiaphilia even in early Asian-American history. I think it's up to us to educate those who are ignorant and show them how rich our Asian-American heritages can be but also at the same time show others that we are truly American as well and we can learn much from one another. Very informative article. Thank you for writing this.

Interesting article but, sadly, this kind of journalism will only inflame white people and further alienate Asian girls who buy into the image of the white man/emasculated Asian male. You can't change people with an article; it takes action. I, for one, take special care to alienate my cousin who is married to a Latino male. The other cousins take great pleasure in speaking in Chinese when he is around, and not inviting them to family events. I also do this for my male cousin married to a white Australian woman, just in case you feel I am in some way biased. I also extend this behavior to friends who date white people. You'll find that in life, only your  immediate family and significant other are indispensible. Get rid of the people who perpetuate a phenomenon you dislike and your life will be much more pleasant.

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