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I think your article raises a lot of interesting points. However, it makes a critical error in doing the same thing you claim white men do to Asian women. The article lumps all white men interested in Asian women together and labels them as sleazy, stupid or creepy. As a white male I suppose my opinion is biased (then again it can't be any more than yours), but I think you should reconsider some of the points you made. The story about the guy you dated is definitely pathetic, asking trivial questions about the Art of War and all that. But the other story, the one about Lydia feels a bit off. You said his "Asiaphilia" took months to develop; you think perhaps he might have been exposed to her family and their culture and his interest took root in that? Is wanting to speak the language really that bad? Is getting along with her father that bad, too? Of course, maybe I'm assuming too much here, that Mandarin is her parents' first language and their home is a well of cultural influence for the guy to become interested in. But please look at Lydia's story from that side of things. I'm a while male, I've got an interest in Asian women and I study languages at my school. After reading your article, I'm honestly confused about what you want of me or the many other white guys who are interested in Asia and don't fit the dumb, sleazy mold. Would you rather us never talk to you again? Do you really consider all men interested in Asia to be such a joke? How would you react if a guy like me approached you: I study Japanese and I'm an aspiring diplomat. Should I just avoid talking to Asian women at bars now? I can't help but feel a little stereotyped myself. Maybe you should start hanging around in different clubs or consider moving to the East Coast. The weather isn't all that bad.

Vickie Chang has got to be one of your worst writers with the worst taste. I abhor her Trendzilla column. It has the most contrived style blurbberings I've ever read. None of them celebrate true style. Maybe that is why it's called "Trendzilla" and not "Stylezilla." These sad entries just show how little she really understands about fashion and style. Sorry but we already have a Joan and Melissa Rivers! Also, although she has brought valid topics into discussion, such as the "Yellow Fever" article, she had many irrelevant tangents in her article. Forgive me, but I've been going to Bang for years now, and I don't remember this club being the hot spot for Rice Daddies. (Albeit, the Asian is the new arm candy for hipsters). The article was poorly written, the snide anecdote in the end should have been left out, it had too many scenester name dropping (just like her trite Trendzilla columns) and did not sympathize with the other side of the story. Many Asian girls actually would rather date white guys. It's called the "White Knight" sydrome. Overall, Vickie needs to go back to school and take a writing course if she wants to be a journalist. Kudos for trying, but her writing and musings are just horrific! Best wishes, L

To: Vickie Chang. Re: "Yellow Fever": I guess I'm a bit late to the party, as I see you've already responded to comments in a separate article. Nevertheless, I'd like to offer some feedback and perhaps hear your thoughts on this. In your response to comments, you mention that you are not trying to make a generalized statement about white men dating Asian women.  However, there was no such caveat in the original article. Let's say there was another article published in OC Weekly, this one about the writer's experience with muggings.  "All three times I've been mugged, it's been by young black men." Of course, we can hope that the writer is not racist, but it would be easy to read a subtext to the effect of "young black men are dangerous." "Yellow Fever" seems to discuss white men/Asian women relationships, but seems to completely disregard examples that are healthy and not based on some racial stereotype or buried colonial desire. How is that different from the "black people mugged me!  THRICE!!!" article of my imagination? I guess what I'm saying is, some acknowledgment of statistical relevance with the intent to prevent the perception or encouragement of racism would've been appreciated. :) For some reason I have a thing against racism—perhaps because the most racist things I have ever heard have been from my parents and relatives—of course, this is not to say that all Chinese people are racist (see what I did there?  Statistical relevance!). I wrote a tiny bit on this subject here. I should say that I'm an American citizen, was born in Taiwan and like to reject all cultural labels applied to myself, even as I enjoy walking both worlds and exploiting the advantages of each.

This was the absolute best article that I have read! I've seen this hundreds of times. I am an Indian American and my sister and cousins go through the EXACT thing every day. I think that it is excellent that you've exposed this interesting and annoying phenomenon.

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