Diary of a Mad County

Nov. 29 - Dec. 5

Monday, Dec. 4
This came in the mail today: "Join the Orange County Performing Arts Center on January 2-7, 2007 for an exhilarating new production of Pippin by Stephen Schwartz . . . " Now, I assumed the five-page press release concerned a play about former Chicago Bulls small forward Scottie Pippen in which, I also assumed, the character of Scottie refuses to come onstage for the big finale . . . that was for you, sports fans. It was in fact concerning a lavish musical about Charlemagne's son. It doesn't get much more entertaining than that. Anyway, what caught my eye was on page three. There, right on top of the page in dark bolded letters was the name "Micky Dolenz" who is performing the role of Charlemagne. The next paragraph began, "While best known for his role as Micky in the television show The Monkees . . . " Best-known? Saying Micky Dolenz is best-known for his role on The Monkees is like saying Lee Harvey Oswald is best-known for shooting Kennedy, Kevin Federline is best-known for marrying Britney Spears, God is best-known for being God.

Tuesday, Dec. 5
Today's Register reports that Huntington Beach police will stop the practice of planting guns and such in unsuspecting civilians' cars. The paper takes credit for the change, saying that Chief Small said "we just think it's not worth continuing." Now was he talking about planting guns or the Register?


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