Crime Wave

A sampling of OCs recent lapses in judgment

A 24-year-old man broke into a house and beat a woman.

A man drove his car into an Irvine house.

Someone smeared feces on a vehicle parked in a driveway.

Illustration by Bob Aul
Illustration by Bob Aul

An intoxicated woman driving a PT Cruiser rear-ended another car on Alicia Parkway and got out of her car but could not stand.

Huntington Beach neighbors threw plants at each other.

A man fondled two women at a swap meet.

Intoxicated juveniles in a Toyota, a Suburban, a Jetta and a limousine raced on Aliso Creek Road, stopped, and then, according to a witness, threw up.

A man pummeled his girlfriend's face in public.

A middle-aged man stood on a bus bench and yelled obscenities at no one in particular.

An ex-boyfriend left a threatening note on a woman's car and front door.

A woman slashed the tires and smashed the windshield on her ex-boyfriend's car.

A man punched his wife and pulled her hair.

A man rang the doorbell at his ex-wife's house and demanded money at gunpoint.

A prankster used real crime scene tape and chalk to sketch the outline of a corpse in front of a business.

A stranger walked into a man's house, used the trash can and walked out without a saying a word.

A smiling pervert in an SUV honked, waved over some girls with one hand and masturbated with the other.

Four 11-year-old boys were found drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.

An adult male spectator at a middle school sports contest spewed profanities and sought a fistfight with other parents.

A hefty butcher knife and latex gloves were found in the bushes at an elementary school.

Someone planted a homemade bomb next to a Huntington Beach lifeguard tower.

Three men with shotguns and a pistol attempted to kill an owl in a public park.

Police arrested a Ladera Ranch businessman after he fired several bullets at a Yellow Pages phone book inside his office.

A man walked into an Albertson's grocery store in the middle of the day, found the liquor section and began gulping from numerous liquor bottles.

An elderly female was found standing "catatonic" next to railroad tracks.


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