Diary of a Mad County

Nov. 8 - Nov. 14

Tuesday, Nov. 14
The South African parliament passes legislation today recognizing same-sex marriages. South Africa. Lemme just repeat that, South Africa. So the United States now trails in social progress a nation that until recently didn't recognize black people's right to exist, where children have been killed because they are thought to possess magical powers and where witch doctors have been known to kill people and eat their brains. That last bit came from a friend of mine so I'm not sure of its accuracy, but the point is SOUTH AFRICA! Not everyone there is happy about the legislation, though. Christian lawmaker Kenneth Meshoe said it was the "saddest day in our 12 years of democracy" and warned that South Africa "was provoking God's anger." Uh, Ken, if God is pissed off at South Africa, it ain't because two guys can register for stemware.

Nov. 13: Put 'em up!
Nov. 13: Put 'em up!

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