No Marshall Stacks!

No. 2: In case you havent heard, OC has a new sound

PLUS: Other locals to keep in mind. Anyone who was in Part The Clouds will always do good; watch for Matt McCluer and catch Matt Adams when he comes back from SF (where he gets to be in their Best of). Technicali's Lost Art (and longtime comrade Hochii) is going to get notice soon, same for Abstract Workshop. Sendaero I always think of, and thee Makeout Party (who I got fired from because I'm awful) is the last suburban rock & roll band in America. Jah Fellowship's new full length is coming with Scientist at the controls and more, I'm sure. (If I could call roll I'd be a teacher. Sorry if I fucked your marketing.)

Cold War warming. Photo by John Gilhooley
Cold War warming. Photo by John Gilhooley

FINALLY:I'll tell you, I hate ranking like this. It maybe helps the one or two bands to get their names in and it gets the other thousand bottom feeders all flapping their flippers, which is a shame because that's motivation and energy they don't have reserve enough to waste. Musicians compete enough with jobs/relationships/softening teeth/weakening muscle/thinning hair and they don't need principals dipping in with prize ribbons to make the mood worse. Plus, I am discouraged from including the many good bands maintaining residency in Long Beach—the Weekly is easy on immigration from Mexico but hell down on you if you try and cross east over the 605—but expect good things from upcoming Greater California and Grand Elegance full lengths; plus Soft Hands should get a real release and we should all help to get Brett Cutts' album out in a more fitting format than CDR.

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