Matt Costa

The musician shares some of his favorite things

Edwards University Theater."What other places in Orange County have indie films like they do? It's pretty much the best thing that's come out of the whole Irvine Co. foundation since it started. Andit's right next to In-N-Out." 4245 Campus Dr., Irvine, (949) 854-8811.

Photo by Tenaya Hills
Photo by Tenaya Hills

John Wayne Airport. When you travel as much as Costa does, a small, uncrowded, local airport like John Wayne Airport can be a blessing. "The terrorist-threat level is way lower too," Costa jokes. "But once it all goes down at LAX, people are just going to be flockingto John Wayne." Beyond that, a friend of his father once hid behind the John Wayne statue and did an impression of the Duke that was so good it made a kid break down in tears. 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, (949) 252-5200.

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