Best of OC, Nos. 51 to 75

From the House of Tiki to Joe MacAsland

No. 75: Joe Macasland, stylist extraordinaire
He's the reason all our friends have the same haircut! Seriously, we went to a huge funeral last year—like, 500 people—and Joe was the most popular guy there. Everybody was trying to make appointments . . . you know, when they weren't grieving. Medusa Hair Salon, 22311 Brookhurst St., Ste. A, Huntington Beach, (714) 968-2424.

I beg to differ! One of the latest additions to Shaheen Sadeghi's attempt to rule the world from Bristol Street in Costa Mesa is the Gods and Heros Salon. It's around the corner on Randolph on the backside of his outdoorsy mall, The Camp. They do the hair for Christine Dolce of Yorba Linda—who's smokin' hot and looks kinda slutty—and when Vanity Fair published its article on, she was the No. 2 person with the most friends. 2991 Randolph Ave., Costa Mesa, (714) 557-1691. (Theo Douglas)

Wild. Photo by Eddie Lin
Wild. Photo by Eddie Lin
Chicano power. Photo by Jennie Warren
Chicano power. Photo by Jennie Warren

Know what? I thought this said, "Gods and Herpes." They should totally change their name to that. (Rebecca Schoenkopf)

Hair ye! Hair ye! MySpace, shmyspace; funerals, shmuneral. Who cares where the famous-for-nothings and dead dudes get their hair done? My guy, David File a.k.a. The Only Hair Stylist in the World Who Does Not Pretend To Give a Shit About Your Personal Life, is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Why? Because, seriously, dude, he doesn't give a shit about your personal life (in a good way, not an asshole way). Which means you're in and out with a killer salon style in under 45 minutes. Plus he's got his own line of hair products, which, duh, means he must be good. Crew Salon at The Lab, 2930 Bristol St., Unit A102, Costa Mesa, (714) 751-0111. (Ellen Griley)

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