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Blame Baseball: While most Californians were watching the Dodgers, democracy died a little in HB

Apparently not. Maybe I was drunk, or already on dates, or drunk and already on dates, or busy embarrassing myself with the Flashdance theme in the Karaoke Korner.

At any rate, I stuck around, till Toby's cousin pointed out his glamorous girlfriend, at which point hanging onto my bar stool lost some of its sexy.

His Stoli pour—I think a quadruple—stayed sexy still.

What a feeling. Photo by Rebecca Schoenkopf
What a feeling. Photo by Rebecca Schoenkopf

*   *   *

It's the last Melting Point as we go on hiatus. Mike McClellan sits in for Erik Brown on the Right, and KJ in Austin serves up the delicious topic of . . . illegal immigrant criminals. Because if we don't address this lonely theme, who in heaven's name will? In fact, KJ says, they rape puppies. Oh, subtlety, thy name is KJ. We have a good time with that in the studio, with Mike-sitting-in-for-Erik a little wowed by the scary rhetoric, which I believe is what he called it. I, of course, love illegal immigrants—a position I share only with the entire Catholic Church. (And except for its positions on poverty and immigration, I'm starting to feel about the Church as I feel about my Raiders, i.e., I'm just about fucking done. You hear me, Ratzinger? No? Didn't think so.) Anyway, it's a friendly discussion, probably because none of us is that het up about it. Shawn Fago says flat out that if he were a Mexican guy, he would cross that border and cross it again, but terrorism, secure borders, and etc., and I agree. Mike calls for big guest worker programs (he's your Lincoln Club/Cato Institute big-business kind of Rep), and I agree with that too. I mention Orange County's own Harold Ezell, one of Reagan's top INS officials (now long-dead and -rotting), calling for illegals to be "skinned, fried and eaten," and say I find that scary rhetoric "uncollegial," and Mike agrees. We're collegial as all hell. Maybe we should have talked about North Korea instead.

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