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A Simple Story: If you lived here, youd be homeless by now

Trish and her son will go to sleep tonight on a picnic table in a Santa Ana back yard. She's a lucky one: she'll have a tiny and beautiful apartment soon, from which she can go to her classes to become an ultrasound tech. The taxpayers will pay $950 a month for it. I can't imagine we could spend it on anything better.

I threw a serious hissy fit—a-screamin' and a-yellin'—because our friends on the Right, Shawn Fago and Erik Brown, are a couple of cocks. Seriously, I'm still pissed. So what set me off this time? Well, KJ in Austin picked the topic of libs vs. cons (again), and hilariously came up with a list of things liberals do, like "loathe America," "facilitate violence" against America, are "emotional" and "irrational," are a "crisis" America needs to fight (second, I would hope, to Islamo-Fascism, or somebody's priorities are really off) and "should be punished in a public forum." But I expect that from KJ, because she's sort of a fascist, so I just found it funny. She also, in her list of attributes of conservatives, said you should be able to trust them to watch your children. Because I'm fair, I pointed out that KJ's commentaries are written a few days ahead of time, so it was a fluke that she'd broadcast that little piety the same weekend as the Mark Foley ShitstormTM. Funny, yes, but it could have happened to anyone.

Erik started talking about how one party believes in the ideals put forth by our founders; I agreed, explaining that that probably would be the party that doesn't want to disappear habeas corpus like a Negroponte death squad or make torture the law of the land. Erik claimed it's average-minded (as opposed to great-minded) to keep distracting from the topic with current events when I should just be talking about ideas. You know: the idea that one party supports the founders' ideals, and the other one doesn't, but it's average-minded to back that up with current evidence when I should really just talk in vague generalities. All well and good so far, and our friends on the Right were basically having it handed to them because all current evidence was piling up against them like sexy IMs on Mark Foley's monitor. So they started in with the "liberals have no ideas." When Erik brings up topics, I respond to them on the merits; I don't make blanket statements about conservatives, like that they are fat and smelly or greedy pigs. (I did call KJ a little bit fascist, but she was talking about "punish[ing]" people "in a public forum" for their beliefs; sine qua non, etc., etc., if it walks like a duck, and etc.) But when I bring up topics, he starts with the slurs. We love terrorists, we sympathize with terrorists, we have no ideas. But it's not a personal attack, he says, because no names were used, just "liberals," and I just happen to be the liberal in the room. (Shades of Rove et al. not outing Valerie Plame, because they only called her "Wilson's wife.")

So, anyway, then there was some screaming and yelling. By me. So they said I was irrational and emotional. I'm seriously starting to hate those guys.

Family values. Photo by Jennie Warren
Family values. Photo by Jennie Warren

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