Diary of a Mad County

Sept. 20 - Sept. 26

Tuesday, Sept. 26
And from R. Scott Moxley, who is one loco ese, this little gem, which he also posted on our blog, The Blotter: "The on-again, off-again war between the Los Angeles Times and the Orange County district attorney's media affairs office is on again. Today, DA spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder sent an agency-wide e-mail 'warning' staff about veteran Times investigative reporter Christine Hanley. Schroeder claims that Hanley is 'unethical,' 'reckless,' 'harasses people and their families,' and wastes taxpayers' dollars by filing 'frivolous' public records requests. The e-mail comes months after Hanley began research for an in-depth profile on Schroeder and her husband, Orange County GOP heavyweight Michael J. Schroeder, an adviser to both DA Tony Rackauckas and Sheriff Mike Carona. The Schroeders have said they would not cooperate for any article written by Hanley. At the time of this posting, Hanley said she was preparing a formal response. However, a Times OC source told the Weekly that Schroeder's e-mail is 'ridiculous and an obvious pre-emptive strike.'"

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