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Melting Point Wrap-Up
This week's episode featured the boys expounding on the sins of the Liberal Media. Except they couldn't actually think of much beyond the Seattle synagogue shoot-'em-up (underplayed because the guy was a Muslim) and Dan Rather, and goddamn it, follow-ups at the time of "Rathergate" actually managed to track down the thousand-year-old secretary who'd typed the memos in question. She couldn't verify that they were the same memos, but said she had indeed typed ones from her boss bitching about W's AWOLism. Still, you know how loud they get with their "fake-but-accurate" guffawing. And nobody—nobody—has proved that they're fake, only that they can't be verified.


Anyhoo, we didn't even get into that because we didn't have an extra hour. I just made fun of them instead.

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