Diary of a Mad County

Sept. 13 - Sept. 19

Sunday, Sept. 17
Symbol prayin' day! Love my symbol. My symbol is so much better than your symbol. Not that I don't tolerate your symbol. This is America, and I completely tolerate your stupid, hateful, cookies-and-ass symbol (total piece of crap).

Monday, Sept. 18
In what is being called the game of the year, our Los Angeles Dodgers defeat the San Diego Padres 11-10 in 10 innings, coming back from a four-run deficit in the ninth inning by hitting four consecutive home runs and then winning it in the 10th on Nomar Garciaparra's two-run blast. It's a great win that has all of Southern California buzzing, and one of the things they are buzzing about is that the Angels could learn a thing or two from the Dodgers when it comes to guts and heart. You hear this from commentators and sports-talk callers who mention the Angels as kind of a pathetic aside. It's a fair point that is completely stupid, in that the Angels, at 80-70 and playing in the far, far, faaaaaar superior American League, have a better record than the 79-71 Dodgers. Still: Nomaaaaaah!

Tuesday, Sept. 19
People ask me all the time what it's like to work at the Weekly (they don't). They're fascinated with the inner workings of the paper (they're not) and how we arrive at the decisions that determine our news, arts and music coverage ("Hey, are those chicks in the back hookers or just strippers?"). I try to explain to them what is involved in putting together such a publication, but perhaps nothing shows the sheer intellectual rigor necessary in such an effort as this recent company-wide e-mail sent out by arts editor Theo Douglas. It begins, "I have misplaced my pants . . ." I will say no more except that Theo has abruptly switched to raising cattle.

Sept. 13: Happily never after
Sept. 13: Happily never after


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