Lost Cause

TV is better than film, so why dont films based on TV shows work?

As a Gen-X kid, I inevitably watched way too much TV growing up. (We were still better off than these little freaks today, who fall to pieces if they have to go 14 minutes without an episode of Codename: Kids Next Door.) Over the years I've learned to be selective about what I watch, and I don't love TV or hate it; TV is like the moon, or trees, or the air that I breathe. I run into these people who dogmatically insist that all TV is worthless, who boast that they haven't owned a TV since 1966 or whatever, and I feel a mixture of pity and disgust: it's like they're proud of not having read a book since One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Sure, TV is mostly crap. Books are mostly crap too. Movies are mostly crap. Your kids are mostly crap. If you walk around dismissing things because they're mostly crap, there won't be anything left. Life is mostly crap.

Blank stares
Blank stares

So you can try to pretend that TV is the devil and movies are still where it's at . . . but when that Buffy movie finally comes out, I'll save you a place in line.

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