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Real Live Boys: The snowflakes make us crazy

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Double your pleasure, with a bonus show Saturday night on Special Engagements, a relationship show brought to us by Marisa and her husband, Steve, the unannoying guy from the Robbins Bros. ads. We got to talk about the gays getting married, so that was fun, and Marisa and Steve were genuinely warm, nice people (Marisa was really witty and on-point, while Steve was this big-hearted, optimist Jew), but my cohost Erik Brown, in defining family, said you couldn't have one without a husband and a wife. "So my son and I aren't a family?" I asked, yelling over Steve and having an aneurysm, and he said no. Three times. Later he rethought it, and said publicly, on air, that he had changed his mind and it's important for all of us to realize when we might be wrong. I keep telling you people he's a great guy, and he is.

Sunday's show, meanwhile, was about the pussifying of men in our country, but devolved awful quick-like into the horror of women being "assertive" and feminists having destroyed the country by being unfeminine while asking for things like pay equity—but then our favorite Right guys also pointed out that women make less than men because they don't negotiate for salaries the way men do. Yes. Because doing so would be assertive and unfeminine.


I hate people so very much.

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