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Crap Is Good for You! Just like this column

Instead, there was some lip gloss in a bowl on the bar.

There was outrageous rock star karaoke, with The Sweet as the backing band for various Grammy nominees (okay, one: a beautiful redhead who'd been nominated for gospel rock) slicing through "Heartbreaker" and normal-looking frattish guys absolutely destroyingZeppelinfor any other singer (besides Robert Plant).

The Dares were a darling outfit of 16-year-olds who sounded exactly like Green Day (we were all ushered inside by a guy blaring, "The band's starting! They're 16 and they're probably better on guitar than you!") and were adorable and funny, with shy little rock star moves and lots of tongue-sticking-out and camera-vamping, and the singer, Ben Peterson, looked like a mix of a 16-year-old Andy Summers and Sting, and his twin brother, Matt, is on drums, and he's hot too, and it's like that time I saw the new Peter Panwith a girlfriend and she came out of it feeling like she needed a shower, because she had wanted to have sex with the teenage actor who played Pan, and she is almost 40 and has kids. Luckily, there is a third in the band, and he was more in the Jason Schwartzman vein, and I didn't want to do bad things to him, and so I felt much better.

Felony creepy
Felony creepy

The Petersons apparently started the band when they were 9, which leads naturally to questions about Joe Simpson-ish stage dads, but I think that's a much healthier way of living through your kids than the beauty pageant nasties, don't you?

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An excellent show this week, on the topic of party loyalty. KJ from Austin said screw the GOP, she's off to the American Conservative Union,the Republicans running this country being just too sane and reasonable. I second that, KJ, and I think all disenchanted Republicans should join you! It sure worked for me when I voted Green in 2000. Host Shawn Fago, for the first time ever, was cogent, coherent and concise, actually moderating the show, asking intelligent questions instead of stupid ones, and being remarkably bullshit-free. I was pretty good myself, pointing out that party loyalty shouldn't extend to people like Tom DeLay, who got himself all indicted and shit but the right-wing meme became that the prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, was a "partisan hack." Yeah, a partisan hack who while in office has prosecuted 12 political cases—11 of which were Democrats. Then Erik Brown, who is quite smart, cited John Stuart Millagain. Drink!

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