Babar-ians at the Gate

We write about elephants, you write us letters!

Lowery's piece in your paper was excellent. A printout of this article will be displayed in our shelter here in Ireland. Circus cruelty in this country is rife, and the laws protecting said animals are very, very weak. Thank you again.
Sharon McNulty
Monaghan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Clontibret, Co Monaghan, Ireland

August 3 edition exposť of the circus—a WONDERFUL and informative piece. Please do more like this, the public needs to know.
Merna Bishop
Dallas, TX

Bravo to Mr. Lowery for speaking the truth of the horrible lives circus elephants are forced to endure. Anyone who cares for elephants should never again attend the circus, unless it is animal-free.
Cheryl Guerriero
Winthrop, MA

PETA's pets. Photo by Jen X.
PETA's pets. Photo by Jen X.

Steve Lowery's article about the abuse of elephants in the circus was a hit in my book. My company tries as much as possible to educate the public about elephant cruelty because we believe in letting people know the truth. The article you published was very helpful, and I am thankful.
Tanya Petrovna
Native Foods Restaurant Group (Chef/Owner)
Costa Mesa

What a beautiful article on the circus. Thank you for printing this!
Nick Coughlin
Minneapolis, MN

The article "Dumbo and Dumber" is a great one. Hopefully after reading it people (at least a few) will stop being amazed by looking at those majestic animals in the most helpless situation. Thank you.
Via e-mail

You are courageous for reporting this story. The public is still in a state of denial about how these elephants are truly treated. Just recently another elephant attacked its handler, yet we continue to allow the public to come into close contact with them. If we trained our dogs with a bullhook, the public would be outraged and we would be charged with cruelty. Then why do we allow this to happen to the elephants?
Pat Dunaway
Rialto, CA

Thanks for being a voice for these animals. They need the help of those who know the truth. It's been said, "The truth shall set you free."Let's hope it applies to them as well.
Kym Smith
Indianapolis, IN

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