Diary of a Mad County

Aug. 9 - Aug. 15

Monday, Aug. 14

Tuesday, Aug. 15
The Gary Miller dirtwagon just keeps rolling. Today, The Hill—"The Newspaper for and About the U.S. Congress"—says Miller may have violated House ethics rules when he took out nearly $7.5 million in promissory notes in 2004 from Lewis Operating Corp., a campaign contributor and business partner. He used the cash to purchase real estate from the same company. An ethics violation? You think? Not that the deal had any effect on Miller. Well, except that as a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Miller pushed for a provision in the bill that allowed the city to close Rialto's municipal airport, the first time an act of Congress has ever shuttered an airport. (Funny thing: Rialto municipal? Only offers departing flights.) The closing of the airport paved the way for Lewis Operating to win a multimillion-dollar contract from the city of Rialto to develop the airport land and build a planned community consisting of 2,500 homes, parks and 80 acres of retail space on the former airport and adjacent land. Other than that . . .

Aug. 10: Dry run
Aug. 10: Dry run

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