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You Know Whos Not a Criminal? Paul Lucas is everywhere but jail

"Then what do you do at night?" I ask, perplexed. "I read," he says, embarrassed.

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At his fund-raiser Saturday night, where he picked up $1,300, maybe 30 people gathered for Mexican food and speeches. Jose Solorio, the Santa Ana city councilman running in the 69th Assembly District, was there; so was Solorio's opponent, Republican nominee RyanGene Williams. Ryan Gene, who's 20 years old, was drinking a Brisk iced tea. "You can have a cocktail, Ryan!" I told him, "We won't tell!" But he thought Solorio≠ might use it to campaign against him. Playing George Mitchell to their Northern Ireland,I asked Solorio if he would resort to such a petty tactic. He thought about it, and, probably realizing he would look like a dick, said no: Ryan Gene could illegally underage-drink. Ryan Gene stuck to the iced tea anyway, even when the Dems—probably Phil Bacerra, who is a pusher—tried to get him to do a shot of tequila with catcalls of "The Democrats all did it!"

The Democrats did not all do it. We're not in college anymore.

Paul Lucas: Outrageous. Photo by Russ Roca
Paul Lucas: Outrageous. Photo by Russ Roca

Later Ryan Gene told Solorio the story of asking Carlos Bustamante, a Republican on the Santa Ana City Council, for his endorsement. "I have to check with Jose," he said Bustamante told him.

Solorio said Bustamante has yet to ask.

"Van Tran is great," Ryan Gene said. "He's the first person who endorsed me! But when I was in the hospital, Paul Lucas was the guy who came to visit."

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A train wreck of a show, with KJ from Austin exploring the differences between liberals and conservatives, saying liberals—except for me; she said I had a voice like hot honey—were loud and shrill. I, apparently having been taken over by Janeane Garofalo, responded by being loud and shrill for the duration of the show. Michael called in and said libs were liars, thieves and murderers, and that the Pill and IUDs murder eight million souls a year, then said he performs lay exorcisms on liberal judges and priests; co-host Erik Brown told Michael the name-calling wasn't constructive but that Michael made a lot of good points (!) and thanked him for his call. Host Shawn Fago had taken cold medicine and didn't do much of anything, but at least it kept the yelling to a minimum.

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